Cornell Johnson Business School Application Essays

The Cornell MBA admission essays are divided into two parts:

Essay I:  "Who are you" (300 word maximum)
a.  All applicants are asked to write “Your Life Story” in 2,000 characters or less.  We’re looking for creativity and authenticity here.  It helps us understand who you are, how you’re unique, what motivates you, and more.  Tip: Tell us something unique about yourself … tell us “your story”. This is not a traditional MBA essay.  You can approach this from any number of ways – it doesn’t need to be just a chronological list of your life. 

Essay II:  Who will be turn out to be? (Each answer has a 300 word maximum.)
a. If you’re a Two-year applicant, you’re then asked to share – in 2,000 characters or less – the job you would like to have immediately upon graduating with your MBA. This essay helps us determine whether Johnson is the right place to move you toward your future goals.  Be honest and authentic!

b. If you’re a One-year applicant, you’re asked to explain – in 2,000 characters or less – how your pre-MBA experience has prepared you for the job you envision upon graduating with your MBA.  We use this information to determine if you can transition into your next job at an accelerated pace.  Strong candidates for this program have done their homework on the career field they want to move into and are confident they’ve got the skills and experience to move to the next level in their career.

c. And finally, we offer an optional essay (also <2,000 characters).  It’s your platform to address one or more aspects of your application (e.g. undergraduate record, test scores, etc.) that you don’t believe accurately reflect your potential for success at Johnson.  Or it could be the reverse.  You could use it as an opportunity to showcase all of your strengths!  It’s up to you.  Tip: This is not the place to drop in the essay you wrote for another program, even if you are particularly proud of it!

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* Essays are for the 2014 – 2015 application season.