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Exclusive! The Yale School of Management is looking for students who will become leaders – not only in business, but in public institutions and in society as well. Do you fit that profile? To find out more, click here to read the entire 4-page transcript of our admissions interview free of charge!

Yale’s philosophy is all about educating leaders for business and society, and you will find that concept embodied in its integrated MBA curriculum and ethics-driven model of leadership development. For example, during the first-year orientation, students are introduced to the concept of values-driven leadership through the Leadership Development Program.

At Yale, you will be surrounded by people striving to become change agents. You are likely to appreciate being in an environment that doesn’t just prepare students for personal success, but also for the kind of success that makes a positive impact on society. The school teaches that generating wealth and improving society are not mutually exclusive, and that in fact, these things go hand in hand.

Yale’s Integrated Curriculum replaces traditional disciplines, such as finance, accounting, and marketing, with courses based on the constituencies a manager must engage and lead to maximize value within an organization.

The school implemented this curriculum to prepare students for today’s business careers, which tend to be more fluid and dynamic. When it comes to applying, the admissions office advises you to be yourself and authenticity is key. Your well-written personal statement will play a big role in how well you capture the attention of the admissions office.

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Contact Information

School of Management

Yale University

P.O. Box 208200

New Haven, CT 06520

Phone: +1 203-432-5635

Email: mba.admissions@yale.edu

Application Deadlines*

Application deadline Sep 14 Jan 10 Apr 19
Decisions made Dec 06, Mar 23 May 18

* Deadlines are for the 2016-2017 admission season.

Admissions Criteria

Average undergrad GPA: 3.63

Average GMAT: 720

Student Body

Total full-time enrollment: 326

Women: 40%

Minorities: 22%

International: 40%

Average age: 28