Michigan Ross School of Business Interview

Can you briefly describe the housing situation for your students?

Housing options consist of living very close to campus in older homes/apartments or living a short bike or bus ride away in modern apartments. The choice is up to the applicant. Information is provided to the students via their student binders, class web sites, housing ambassadors, and house tours. Some students elect to buy a house and sell it following completion of the program.

What would you say distinguishes The Michigan Business School and its students?

The key differentiator of Michigan is our commitment to action-based learning, along with a student’s ability to co-create their MBA experience. With action-based learning, students really have the opportunity to take the theory from the classroom and put it into action while they are in the program – whether that is here in Ann Arbor, in New York City, or in India, for example. This occurs through programs like MAP, but also through amazing opportunities via our Institutes. Through all of this, students are expected to be active participants and partner with us to create a very customized and robust experience. A wonderful advantage of Michigan is to be able to tap into the amazing work that is happening across campus in programs such as the School of Public Health, the School of Education the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, etc. It is the intersection of business with these kinds of areas that allow our students to really make an impact on the problems facing society.

How did this year’s application pool compare to the previous year’s? How about the demographic make up of the applicant pool?

It was definitely a different year. There was a large decline internationally due to the economy and visa issues. Domestically there was a decline due to the economy, and additionally we are still in a demographic trough when you consider the typical age range of MBA applicants. Fortunately the pool, although smaller, was extremely strong. Our yield increased this year, and we also currently have the highest percentage of women in Michigan’s history (31%). There is still work to be done in this area, but we are very pleased with the outcome and with the overall strength of our incoming class.

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