Kenan-Flagler Business School Interview (cont’d)

Describe what admitted students can expect in terms of scholarships, assistantships, and loan guarantees.

We are very happy that we are able to provide merit fellowships as well as access to loans for enrolling students at UNC. Approximately 25% to 30% of students this year are enrolling with a merit award. Our fellowship award amounts range from $5,000 per academic year to full tuition with stipends. Our financial aid resources allow us to compete with other schools for the best talent out there. We have actually increased our fellowship support over the last year. In addition to the merit aid, we have something that has enabled us to really be even more attractive to international students. We have a loan program that allows people who are not U.S. citizens to borrow money through a non-profit private lender, without having to have a U.S. co-signer. I would like to add that an MBA is a fantastic investment that will serve you not just in internship or employment opportunities. Yet, financing the MBA cannot be overlooked. Today’s marketplace is softer for MBA hiring than it was three or four years ago, and some students will not have their dream job lined up by graduation day. It’s important for prospective students to make very mature decisions about the financial risks they can tolerate and how long a horizon they can allow for their return on investment.

Do you have any special instruction or advice for applicants who wish to visit the business school’s campus?

You can go to our web site at and click on Apply. Then go to the full time MBA Admissions section, then to Interviews and Campus Visits. Keep in mind that you can visit us even if you are not interviewing. Our on-line scheduler shows you a calendar listing of our class schedule and days the campus is closed. It is important to come, if you can, when we are not having exams, because you want to have as much access to the students as you can. If you visit us, you will be offered an opportunity to attend a class, have lunch with MBA students, meet perhaps someone from your home country, if you are an international student, and take a tour of the school. We also will offer interviews on a couple of Saturdays.

Can you briefly describe the housing situation for your students?

Almost all of the MBA students live in private housing. There is a graduate student dorm on campus, but most MBA students choose to live off campus. Chapel Hill is a college town so there are many housing options from which to choose. It pretty much depends on what you are looking for. Once you are admitted to UNC, you will have access to the student web site that can be used as a communication tool to see who is looking for roommates and what is available. We also have a weekend when many enrolled students come in late spring to meet each other and look for housing.

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