USC Marshall Admissions Interview (cont’d)

How important is a GMAT score and what advice do you have for applicants who struggled with this exam?

Applicants should present a score that is reflective of their best efforts on this exam. Applicants who fall below this range need to highlight other strengths in their application such as demonstrated leadership, teamwork and work experience.

What was the GMAT score range for admitted applicants last year?

Our 80th percentile range was 640-730. Our median score has been 690 for the past two entering classes.

How important is the interview in the admissions process and what specific applicant traits are you using the interview to gauge?

Though interviews are not required, they are a welcome opportunity for both the applicant and for the school to share information that is not readily obtained from an application or from a brochure. The interview should be prepared for like a job interview. We attempt to assess presentation skills, leadership traits, and self-confidence as well as energy and enthusiasm.

What types of questions should applicants expect to be asked in the interview?

Applicants should be prepared to address questions about their motivation, influential mentors, past experiences and future goals. They should also be well versed on their resumes.

Are these interviews conducted blind or is the applicant’s file reviewed beforehand?

Interviews are by invitation only, so that we do have an opportunity to review the file beforehand.

How helpful do applicants generally find a campus visit?

A campus visit has proven to be very helpful to our entering classes. Campus visits provide applicants with the opportunity not only to see the facilities but to also engage with the current students and faculty.

Do you have any special instructions or advice for applicants who wish to visit the business school’s campus?

Applicants should contact the admissions office prior to visiting at 213-740-7846. Prior notification allows us to set up a class visit and arrange a tour with our student MBA Ambassadors.

Does your Admissions Department provide profile feedback for individuals considering the MBA program?

We provide on campus information sessions throughout the academic year for applicants to visit our campus, meet our students and sit in on an MBA class. For people who are unsuccessful in the admissions process, we provide feedback in the fall for those interested in reapplying to our program.

How are re-applicants viewed by Marshall and what do they need to do to be successful the second time around?

Reapplications are viewed positively. We expect that our feedback after the last application allow reapplicants to better present themselves in the subsequent attempt for admission into our program.

Describe how the financial aid process works and what admitted students can expect in terms of scholarships, assistantships, and loan guarantees.

No additional application is necessary for financial consideration. All applicants are considered for merit-based fellowships that assist them with the cost of tuition. There is also additional aid in the second-year that can be applied for in the form of assistantships and fellowships. In addition, most of our students also assume loans to help with the cost of attending the MBA program.

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